Sustainable energy, powered by respect for Country, culture, and people.

Tjiwarl Katu Power is a majority indigenous owned and operated power company providing sustainable energy solutions.

About Us

Tjiwarl Katu Power Pty Ltd is 80% owned by Tjiwarl Contracting Services (TCS) a wholly owned entity of the Tjiwarl Aboriginal Corporation.Tjiwarl Katu Power will initially provide power related services and power at it's partner Zenith Energy's renewable energy hybrid power stations on Tjiwarl Native Title determined land in WA’s northern goldfields.

Current Project

Kathleen Valley

Australia’s largest off-grid hybrid renewable energy power station at Liontown Resources’ Kathleen Valley Lithium mining operations that includes 30MW of wind, 16MWp of solar PV, and 17MW/19MWh battery energy storage system (BESS).

About Tjiwarl Contracting Services

Tjiwarl Development Pty Ltd and Tjiwarl Contracting Services Pty Ltd as part of the Tjiwarl Aboriginal Corporation (AC) group of companies are for public benefit working for the benefit of the collective membership. Our vision, mission, values and aspirations are to deliver value back to our members Our goal being to strive to fulfil the aspirations of the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): there is no Plan B because there is no Planet B. Integral to the strategy are the values underpinning the Tjiwarl Sustainability Framework and specifically delivering on the business development mandate which supports the Tjiwarl commercial diversification strategy. By recognizing and valuing the contributions of the Tjiwarl peoples to the economy and society as a whole. The emphasis is on the importance of creating a level playing field for Tjiwarl businesses by addressing systemic barriers and discrimination that Indigenous businesses often face.
Integral to the ESG and investor mandate of any company operating on Tjiwarl Estate is the realisation of the rights of the Tjiwarl community to access the full benefits of its Native Title and specifically for the commercial entities deliver on its commercial strategy.
To drive commercial access for Tjiwarl community for full economic participation towards intergenerational wealth creation and to diversify the Tjiwarl economic base for future generations.
❑ Inclusion, respect and transparency
❑ Cultural immersion
❑ Innovation & Impact
The UN Sustainable Development Goals provide the impetus for how we position the commercial strategy to strengthen the Tjiwarl collective future.

About Zenith Energy

Zenith Energy is one of Australia’s leading independent power producers, specialising in tailored off-the-grid hybrid power generation. With a portfolio spanning throughout Western Australia, and the Northern Territory, Zenith has installed capacity of more than 500MW under contract, delivering cost-effective and reliable power solutions for clients. Zenith integrates innovative technology with a complete range of low-emission thermal and renewable energy technologies, offering power solutions, with no boundaries.

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